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How to Choose the Right Athlete’s Choice® Mattress

Summer has finally arrived! And with summer days come summer activities, whether you run, hike, golf, swim, rock climb, or play football we all tend to get a little more active when the sun is shining and the weather is nice. All that extra activity also means the rest and recovery time spent sleeping is exponentially more important.

That’s where Denver Mattress comes in, our new Athlete’s Choice® collection is ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle. The Athlete’s Choice® mattresses were designed with you in mind, precision built to contour to your body for support and comfort, and three different options to make sure you get the perfect fit for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. Every Athlete’s Choice® mattress provides optimized firm support, so which is the right one for you?

The Athlete’s Choice® Silver provides a cool sleep surface that’s firm, yet comfortable after a long day in the sun. This mattress is ideal for stomach and back sleepers; using copper-infused airfoam to aid in muscle recovery overnight making sure you’re back to your best the next morning and ready to reach new heights!

Athlete’s Choice® Silver Mattress

Sleep a little bit warmer? The Athlete’s Choice® Gold packs a punch with an added layer of temperature balancing, phase change material with copper-infused airfoam. ICE fabric keeps you cooler, so you can sleep deeper. The all foam design provides motionless comfort without sacrificing on support – great for all kinds of sleepers.

Athlete’s Choice® Gold Mattress

Like the idea but what a more familiar feel? The Athlete’s Choice® Platinum gives you the comfort and cooling properties of copper-infused memory foam and also gives you the familiar comfort and support of a traditional pocketed coil mattress. The best of both worlds!

Athlete’s Choice® Platinum Mattress

Every Athlete’s Choice® mattress is optimized for pressure point relief, conforming support, and comfort to make sure everyone can sleep cool and comfortable at night even in the summer heat! They even come conveniently in a bed in a box design that’s easy to install. Are you ready to play hard, recover and repeat? Now’s the perfect time to join the ranks of elite athletes like professional climber Meagan Martin and professional football running back Christian McCaffrey; be the best version of yourself and try an Athlete’s Choice® mattress today!

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