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Greg’s DIY: Holiday Decorating Ideas

Our designer, Greg knows better than anyone that you don’t need to sacrifice chic in order to be festive.
He put together a couple of tips to help you decorate your home for the winter holidays that capture the spirit without resorting to holiday decorating kitsch.



His first inspiration started with leaf patterns. A metallic palette reminded him of vintage calendar plates, something that carries both the nostalgic and nature themes that holiday festivities carry.

The metallic colors pop by using accents like vintage mercury glass vases, metallic votives in various sizes and colors, tree trunk vases, tiny fake birds, and metallic leaves.


To makeover the mantel without making any permanent changes, Greg used scrap-booking paper attached with sticky tack on the inlaid panels. Glittered snowflake ornaments are attached in the same way along the front of the fireplace. He scattered candlesticks and different sized ornaments intermittently along the mantel to fill the space and add texture.

On a side table, by filling 3 stacked cake pedestals with multiple ornaments while leaving some sitting freely, he was able to make ornaments look fresh and interesting. On the wall, Greg used a vintage Christmas movie poster, snowflakes, and even more ornaments to add an element of nostalgia.


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