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Get a Boho Inspired Dining Room with Designer Eden Cohen

The dining room is often the main gathering place in a home and a great space to incorporate boho style. This popular, eclectic design style is based on the idea of merging many different design elements into one cohesive space.

Wood Components

The Interlude 5 Pc. Dining Room Set is the centerpiece of this room. Made of reclaimed pine, this collection delivers a strong wood component, often found in boho style. It also brings an outdoor element into the design.

Layered Textures

Layering diverse textures is fundamental when incorporating boho design. The barn door combined with the concrete floor gives the room a nice balance of rough and smooth textures. The Interlude Upholstered Parsons Chairs at the ends of the table add a layer of softness, complementing the hard surface of the table and providing visual interest to the room.

Neutral Palette

Light grays bring a soft feel to the room and invite sociability. This color provides the room with a clean slate where items on the table take center stage. Paired with crisp, white walls, the color scheme is lively, yet relaxing at the same time. The Magnolia Home Lotus Black Rug grounds the room, providing yet another level of texture and warmth.

Touches of Nature

The planter with yellow tulips also brings touches of nature to the space, a must-have accent typically found in bohemian décor.

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Warm Lighting

Light also plays a huge role. The large wood bead and metal chandelier is an additional focal point, casting a welcoming incandescence. The Magnolia Home Pen Holder “Sugar Mold” 12 Hole candleholder with its warm glow adds an additional layer of light.

Eclectic Décor

The Blakely Wall Clock and the White Wash Carved Tray work as oversized eclectic décor, adding an additional layer of visual interest.

By following some boho style essentials and adding personal touches, your dining room will be the perfect spot to gather.

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Eden Cohen is a Denver based interior designer/set stylist. Following a career in corporate communications, public relations and event planning, Eden decided to turn her attention to her true passion of interior design. She returned to school to obtain a degree in Interior Design. Today she can be found working on projects for interior design clients as well as styling the sets for print advertising, television commercials, and motion pictures. Outside of design, Eden enjoys: spending time with her family and friends, exploring cultural events, art, music and food scenes, spending time in the outdoors, as well as traveling for experiences and inspiration.

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