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Furniture Row Racing Surprises Martin Truex Jr. Fans with a Furniture Row Home Makeover

Two Martin Truex Jr. fans were in for a surprise of their life when Furniture Row Racing decided to give them a Furniture Row home makeover. Eric and Nantena have been rooting for Nascar ‘s #78 driver since he joined the Denver based team in 2015, but they haven’t missed a race in years and years.


To show them both how much they appreciate their fan’s unfaltering support, Furniture Row Racing decided to spruce up their one bedroom apartment with a complete stylish updo. Check out the video below, and shop the look to recreate the peaceful oasis in your own space!

Living Room for Furniture Row Home Makeover


Barb Chandler, interior designer and accent chair buyer for Furniture Row, worked closely with Eric and Nantena to make sure she incorporated all of their wants and needs out of a dream home. “They really liked the idea of a sectional, but with some layouts, this can close off the space. Instead, I brought a large ottoman into the room that can be pushed against the couch to create an instant chaise. Then, when they want a more open living room, the ottoman can easily be pulled away. Never underestimate the versatility of an ottoman!”


Barb used soft neutrals and calming blues to create a stylish and inviting living room. The semi-sheer curtains allow the couple to have the option of more privacy while still letting light in from outside.

STYLE TIP: “When choosing curtains for a small space, pick a length that can be hung higher than the actual window. This draws the eye up and makes the room feel larger. If possible, let the curtains drape all the way to the floor. This lengthens the appearance of the windows, or in this case, sliding glass doors,” explains the room’s designer.


“I always like to play with texture in rooms that I’m designing,” Barb says. “The plush, soft faux fur throw blanket and pillows that I incorporated into the room give the space a warm coziness, while the sleek sheen of the ceramic accessories make the room feel sophisticated and refined. The distressed wood and rivet-edged metal accents on the occasional tables pull the whole thing together, creating a contemporary and cohesive look.”

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Bedroom for Furniture Row Home Makeover


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Patio for Furniture Row Home Makeover

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Martin Truex Jr. also decided to deliver a special message to two of his most loyal fans, congratulating them on their new space and thanking them for their support. “We will remember this for the rest of our lives,” Eric said of the entire experience.

As delighted as they were during the reveal, they have been enjoying the Furniture Row Home Makeover in the weeks since just as much. “It’s heavenly,” Nantena says. “It feels more like a home than it ever has.”

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