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Dads Talk Father’s Day

Furniture Row is proud to be a family-run company, and to celebrate the family lives of its employees. For Father’s Day, we caught up with two Furniture Row employees to discuss their experiences as parents. Chris is celebrating as a first-time father of one, and Bill is celebrating as a seasoned father of five. We got the discussion started, and the two quickly fell into conversation.  Be sure to read on for a look into the apprehensions, joys, and insights of both a first-time father and an experienced dad.

Bill:  Excited about your first Father’s Day, Chris?

Chris:  You bet! I’m not exactly sure what to expect.

Bill:  That pretty much sums up being a first-time dad—everything’s new, never feeling fully prepared, scary and fun all at the same time.

Chris:  How about for you, Bill? I mean you’re a dad five times over.

Bill's Family
Bill’s Family

Bill:  Stacy and I were in college when we had our first. As much as we knew or thought we knew about babies, going from being pregnant to being parents was a huge leap. I remember being completely caught off guard when told we could take our son home from the hospital. You want us to leave? Now?

Chris:  I hear you! It’s a pretty crazy journey. But I’m learning a lot through the process. I’ve definitely learned more about myself, especially the kind of love I’m capable of. It’s like being a dad releases and amplifies your best characteristics: Selflessness. Patience. Caring for others.

Bill:  Hang onto those. They’ll come in handy down the road.

Chris:  What’s it like “down the road?” Better? Easier?

Bill:  Well, it’s different. When we went from one son to two, it was different. They were different. Then adding a daughter to the mix, that was definitely different. With three kids I really felt the fullness of fatherhood. It’s kind of weird, but I was regularly reminded of it when we went out to a restaurant.

Chris: But you weren’t done. You adopted two more.

Bill:  Yes, sisters. They were five and nine at the time. There’s something very special about many little voices calling you Dad.

Chris:  Bet you started eating at home more often!

Bill:  A lot more take out and delivery actually.

Chris: Pretty sure we’ll have more children but we’re not in a hurry. We’re just enjoying all the firsts, like our daughter starting to crawl this week. Amy captured it on video and emailed me. I couldn’t get home soon enough that day to see her myself.

Chris' Family
Chris’ Family

Bill:  You know, those firsts will keep coming. I have to sometimes remind myself to be just as excited every time for each child.

Chris:  And it’s not just the big things, but the everyday ones as well.

Bill:  Absolutely! Our sons need to know that we are proud of them. As a guy, I’m sure you can relate to this. But with daughters, they need to know we delight in them.

Chris:  Good insight.

Bill:  Yes it is. I’m fortunate someone that went before me was kind enough to share it with me. I bet you’ll be sharing it many times over.

Chris:  So, Father’s Day. What’s it mean to you?

Bill:  It’s not one day a year, its any day. It’s making Saturday morning pancakes. It’s daddy/daughter dances and reading a story together. It’s lots of laughter and downright silliness. Camping in the backyard. It’s movie nights and road trips. Hearing, “thanks, Dad.” And never, ever enough hugs.

Chris:  Very cool. There’s so much to look forward to, but I’m not going to rush it. Maybe Father’s Day is just a reminder to love big, cherish each moment, and enjoy the journey.

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