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Festive Decoration Ideas for a Holiday Cocktail Party

Spread the holiday cheer getting ready for your guests with a holiday cocktail party! Furniture Row features the latest trends in design and decor with hot new products this season, so turn the merriment up a notch with some of our favorite festive picks and be inspired to create a party space that’s all your own with these festive decorations. Rustic meets a touch of seasonal sparkle with distressed wood, industrial metal, and chic gold accents.


Multiple Serving Stations

The main purpose of a holiday cocktail party is to have your guest mingle over delicious food and drinks! One way to encourage guests to chat is to have several serving stations instead of a long buffet line. If you separate food and snacks and have multiple places to enjoy their cocktails and bites, conversation will happen more naturally.

In this room, we have the main hors d’oeuvres at the large Livorno Gathering Table that features a recycled fir plank tabletop and a crossbeam metal base. We have the dishware and napkins on the Octagon Industrial Server, which offers eclectic, geometric elegance at bar height. Finally, the Apothecary Large Cabinet holds a splay of cocktails and boasts a whitewash finish for rustic charm. Retro Barstools are easy to move to accommodate guests that may want to sit at a different gathering places.

Ambient Lighting

Create a cheerful, festive mood at your holiday cocktail party with ambient lighting. Candles make the room feel warm and homey, and they often come in scents perfect for this time of year such as cinnamon, evergreen, and clove. Another way to illuminate the space is through Christmas lights. Not just for the outside anymore, drape simple strings of clear lights over branches in a vase or on your fireplace mantle.

For the perfect finishing touch, base lamps like the Facet Accent Lamp and Facet Table Lamp add festive holiday lighting and shimmer in metallic gold. We’ve placed one of the lamps up high for maximum illumination on top of the Paige Accent Table.

Easy DIY Decorations

You don’t have to go all out and buy new Christmas decorations to make the room feel festive at your holiday cocktail party. We’ve created a CHEERS banner from parchment paper and ribbon and strung it over the bar to invite our guests to enjoy a drink. Use our free download and learn how to make it here!

To make items that you currently have more holiday-esque, think outside the box and tie glittery wire ribbon around a vase or drape gold ribbon off a tabletop.

You can also take advantage of those extra ornaments and place them in a bowl as a centerpiece. This decoration can also double as a party favor holder, as you can invite guests to take an ornament from the bowl as they leave. This is a great way to spread holiday cheer without buying extra items you don’t need.

Protect Your Home From Holiday Spills and Traffic

Chances are that you are going to run into traffic and potential spills at your holiday cocktail party. Protect your floors from scuffs with an area rug such as the soft persimmon and gray colored Emmie Kay Dove Rug from Magnolia Home that is inspired by Scandinavian knit sweaters.

Keep your expensive glassware hidden away in a storage piece such as the Danvari Tall Cabinet that can store your nice china behind its paned metal doors. Use less expensive glasses for your holiday cocktail party guests, so you won’t be too heartbroken if one breaks.

Color Scheme

You don’t have to stick to the cliché, super Christmas-y red and green decor theme. In this room, we used cream and gold accents with our space’s current neutral palette for an ultra holiday feel. The best part is that you can still use these decorations after the holidays are over! The hanging Tree Illumination Canvas made of elegant brushstrokes of gray and beige fits in perfectly with the items we chose.

Feel free to play with colors that will go with your post-holiday decor. Just be sure to play with metallics and sparkle! Some of our other favorite holiday cocktail party color schemes are blue and silver, dusty pink and rose gold, and layered greens with glittery tweed and burlap accents.

Treat your guests to a festive holiday cocktail party this season in style!

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