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Welcome Home: Elements of the Perfect Entryway

Welcome guests into your home with the perfect entryway! It’s easy to forget about decorating the entrance of your home, so be sure to spend time making sure the space near your front door is as trendy as your living room. Furniture Row has furnishings and accents perfect for creating a variety of unique styles, so think outside the box and start designing your perfect entryway using these inspirational tips.


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Add an interesting color palette.

If using color in your living room or bedroom intimidates you, try incorporating it into your home entryway instead! Unique wallpaper in various hues or a wall boasting an energetic shade or a soft inviting pastel will enhance the design aesthetic of your space and excite your guests into exploring your home further. If painting the entryway seems too aggressive, you can also choose a large colorful piece of furniture like a sofa table, cabinet, or accent chair to create an eye-catching focus point that your guests will instantly notice and admire.

Bring in pops of your personality.

You want your home to reflect your own unique style, so make sure accessories that represent your personality are in plain sight in your entryway. Knick-knacks, picture frames, and other belongings you hold dear go great on a table, cabinet, or shelves in your home entrance and create a welcoming display.

Get storage for coats and shoes.

The entryway is where your guests will be shuffling in with coats, hats, scarves, and outdoor shoes, so make sure they have room to store these things as soon as they walk in. A hall tree, chest, or storage bins are great for holding clothing items so your home can stay mess free, and you won’t have to worry about dirt or water coming in from the outdoors.


Let the garden in.

If your entryway is smaller in size and you don’t have room for large furniture, a houseplant is a great way to fill an empty corner and welcome guests into your home. Some plants even naturally purify the air, making them not only lovely to look at, but also beneficial to your health. A vase filled with flowers on a side table or cabinet will also add a sweet spruce and make for the perfect finishing touch.

Mix and match styles.

Last but not least, make sure your entryway is one of a kind by expanding your design options. Mix and match two styles for a look that is 100% original when you use the contemporary style from your living room but add bold eclectic accents, or keep the traditional design from the rest of your home, but feature a sophisticated Victorian styled antique sitting chair in your entryway. Whatever you decide to do, know that your entryway is meant for experimenting styles! Make it unique and watch as your guests marvel at your home entrance.

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