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Denver Design Studio: Meet Denver’s Randi Gipson

*Program available in select locations only.

Furniture Row is excited to offer complimentary in-store design services through The Design Studio program. Select Colorado, Ohio, and North Carolina  locations are up and running, and more launches nationwide are anticipated. We are pleased to feature the interior design insights of Randi Gipson, resident expert Design Consultant of the Denver Design Studio at our Broadway store location.

Randi’s expertise and vision paired with the large selection of product available right in the showroom make her uniquely able to bring customers’ design visions to life. Check out her inspirations and insights in the interview–and if you’re in the Denver area, stop by the store to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to work with Randi. Thanks, Randi!

Randi’s favorite project: This kitchen peninsula design. We love it as much as she does!

What attracted you to The Design Studio at Furniture Row?

I have always used my Mom and Dad’s house as my palette for any design ideas I have… The Design Studio allows me to do this on a much bigger level and help customers think outside the box. I love giving ideas that they would have never thought of and see them get so excited and inspired.

What has been your favorite part of working at the Denver/Broadway Design Studio location?

I love all the different homes I see because my customers come from many different cities to get design help. I have helped with some amazing homes as far away as Buena Vista and it is always exciting to see so many different styles.

 Are there challenges that come with having access to such a wide selection of products in the showroom?

It can be challenging when a customer isn’t really sure what they want. I have to figure out how to narrow the items down; especially if they like so many different styles and don’t know which direction they want to go.

In what ways does Colorado influence your designs?

Colorado is such an interesting place when it comes to design because there are two extremes. It is more common in lofts and new builds in Denver to have a modern or industrial style, and then mountain homes tend to have the rustic style which can include bears and moose or something similar. These both influence me because I love mixing them together. It can be tricky to do but the perfect mix of rustic and industrial is my favorite style.

What are some top things for customers to keep in mind when planning an interior design?

I have always designed a room around one piece that stands out to me. It can be as simple as a pillow or as big as a whole bedroom set. It is important to know how much you want to spend and you can save money by getting your hands dirty and doing things yourself. Instead of buying the item, see if there is a way you can make it or something similar for less. You don’t always have to plan the whole space at once. Start small with your inspiration piece and as you go along more ideas will come to you.

Do you have advice for customers considering utilizing The Design Studio’s complimentary service?

Sometimes all people need is a little help deciding on that final item or whether or not their ideas are going to look nice, this is something I can help with. I have also found if you are buying for multiple rooms it is great to have me help because I can coordinate with all of our brands at Furniture Row and make sure everything works together. I can definitely help ease the stress of making everything come together.

Do you currently have a favorite design project to share with us?

I typically have several design projects I am working on at my house. When I get an idea in my head I get so excited and I want to do it right away. My favorite project I have done so far is the peninsula in my kitchen. I found some pallets that were being thrown out; I took them apart and pieced the boards together to cover the backside of my cabinets. The best part is I didn’t paint or stain any of the wood, the colors just worked so well together. I did the same thing to the back of my stairs. Above my counter there were two can lights that were not centered over the peninsula. I had my dad who works with sheet metal make a box to hide the wiring so I could hang pendant lights and center them. I purchased the Mario barstools from Oak express to tie in the industrial metal look. Image featured above

How do you describe your personal design style?

It has been somewhat hard for me to pinpoint what my design style is because I like so many different things. I have had to find it a little by trial and error meaning I’ll try something and if it doesn’t feel right after a while I will change it. I usually do this with paint colors and the accent pieces. With all that said my style is the mix of Colorado I mentioned earlier. I love the industrial look with splashes of rustic here and there.

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