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Style Focus: Cool and Contemporary Living Room

If you are looking to create a cool and contemporary living room, Furniture Row has just the pieces to master the look. We’ve combined sleek forms with sophisticated finishes for a space to reflect your own unique personality. Explore the decor and furnishings below to see if this style focus will work in your own home!

Cool and Contemporary Living Room


SHOP THE LOOK: Nickel Arc Lamp $199, Quartz Gold Foil Lacquer Print $49, Bastien Vases $44-$64, Gray Aria 3 Pc. Sectional $1199, Teal Hilton Accent Chair $249, Allure Coffee Table $199, Lavita Expanse Rug $299-$599, Magnolia Home Framework Desk $399, Galvanized Trolley $139, Modern Sculptures $29-$36

Color Palette: Blue, Blue-Green, Gray, Black, Silver
Décor Themes: Unique and Trendy Decor, Modern, Futuristic, Separate Social and Personal Spaces, Creative and Stimulating Workspaces, Open Spaces, Minimalist, Cool Colors

Unique and Trendy Decor

If your style focus is cool and contemporary, your aesthetic may be seen as eccentric and original. People often call you a trendsetter in all areas of your life, including home furnishings and decor. Decorate your home with unique items with a modern or futuristic feel.

Separate Social and Personal Spaces

If you gravitate towards a cool and contemporary living room, make sure you create a space to have stimulating conversations as well as places to have alone time to recharge and restore your energy. Try to incorporate areas to socialize as well as personal spaces where you can be away from the hustle and bustle.

Creative and Stimulating Workspaces

A cool and contemporary living room has an airy sophistication. Therefore, the intellectual person that styles their space in this way needs mental stimulation to reach their maximum potential. Within your home, make sure that there are plenty of workspaces where you can express your creativity, problem solve, or explore hobbies and passions.

Cool Colors and Open Spaces

If you feel drawn to a cool and contemporary living room, you may detest feeling limited or constrained. To avoid feeling stifled, make sure you leave plenty of space for movement. This type of decorator will appreciate open floor plans, minimalist design concepts, and rooms with an airy feel to them. An ideal color palette for a cool and contemporary living room is blue, blue-green, gray, black, and silver.

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