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Small Space Makeover: Rustic Caboose Turns Glam

All aboard! Designer Barb Chandler shared this fun, truly one-of-a-kind train caboose makeover with us. Using Furniture Row pieces, and with some ingenuity and creative design work, Barb was able to transform the retired locomotive piece into a glamorous retreat space. We really love the way Barb scaled down her design, and modified pieces to fit the tiny but chic space. Check out the gallery of before and after pics to see the change for yourself. All products available through Furniture Row are listed below. 



1. Can you give our readers some background on the caboose project? This darling caboose was sitting on the property of a home I designed years ago.  I asked if they had any plans for the caboose and at the time they were not planning to do anything with the caboose as it needed a lot of repair work.  I told them I would really like the opportunity to design the interior of the caboose, so if they changed their mind to please call me.  So last year I got the call to come on over, I was thrilled!


2. What is the square footage of the caboose? Tiny x Tiny !


3. What inspired your design for the caboose? Originally I was leaning towards a steampunk feel, but decided on glam with a hint of rustic.

4. What tips do you have for the challenges of designing for small spaces? My most important tip is to measure, measure, measure.  We cut the legs off the mirrored curio cabinets due to the ceiling height and placement of the cabinets.  I was determined to have those cabinets in the caboose.  Consider mixing in some smaller scale, lower profile, smaller arm or no arm pieces.  Avoid “visually heavy” looking pieces in small spaces.

Think outside of the norm when it comes to the rooms in your home. For example, you may have a formal living/dining room and a great room with eat-in kitchen.  How often do you really use the formal rooms? If the answer is rarely then consider turning those rooms into something else, such as a craft room, sports room, ballet/home gym, a fun and games room.  It’s your home, your life–live the way that makes YOU happiest. 🙂


For a virtual tour of the caboose, and more info click here

Products available for your home:

Dana Sofa

Annabella Chair

Olivia Spa Blue Rug

Cream Classic Loop Rug

Josephine Floor Lamp

Hudson Wing Chair

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