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Black Friday 2019: How to Shop Stress-Free at Furniture Row

Black Friday was once widely known as an amazing day to save some serious money on major appliances, electronics, and more. It has grown larger over the years, turning into something that’s part-holiday, part-marathon with huge crowds and incredible deals to be found everywhere in the retail world.

So, of course, we here at Furniture Row and Denver Mattress have our own Black Friday sale complete with prices reduced by hundreds of dollars, but we do things a little differently. Our Black Friday Sale is really more of a two-week Super Sale around Black Friday. From November 15th – December 2nd we are heavily reducing the prices on many of our most popular products. On top of these marked down prices, we use the saying “When you buy more, save more”, meaning we take off an additional $100 dollars off whenever you spend $1,000. Spending $2,000 on discounted items? Take an additional $200 off! We even include our “7 Years No Interest” financing option on orders of $3,999 or more. This holiday season, you really can save hundreds on anything from dining sets, bedroom sets, sofa sets, sectionals, accent chairs, and so much more at Furniture Row.

The length of our Black Friday Super Sale does a lot for lessening the large crowds and frenzied energy that has become a hallmark of the day after Thanksgiving. But as exciting as this sale is, we do realize buying new furniture during this time can still be a daunting thought. After all, there’s a difference between buying a new big-screen TV and, say, a new bedroom set. Purchasing new furniture is a bit more involved than buying home appliances because furniture has the added weight of adding to a home’s style for years to come. Let’s face it, our home’s style has a noticeable effect on our everyday mood, and it also tells guests a lot about our personality. Combine that pressure with our large selection of discounted items, and it could be easy to get overwhelmed.

But don’t worry, we are here to help! We have some practical advice about how to shop for our discounted furniture that will help you feel confident in updating your space with style. Furniture Row’s Black Friday Super Sale has our biggest discounts of the year, so it really is the perfect time to make some major home changes.

Furniture Row Shopping Customers

Plan Ahead

The best piece of advice is to plan ahead. Even with the assistance of our no-pressure sales associates, it’s hard to know where to begin when faced with our large selection and low prices. Combine that with the desire to express your style and the nagging suspicion that there are perhaps deeper discounts to be found around every corner, and it can be easy to get frazzled if you aren’t prepared. Shouldn’t saving a ton on beautiful new furniture should be invigorating rather than stressful? The good news is these stressful feelings vanish entirely when you plan your purchases ahead of time. Here’s how.

Step One: First, you’ll need to nip those latent shopaholic tendencies in the bud. At least to start. When you’re at home, maybe even right now, decide if you are wanting to update one piece, an entire room, or maybe even multiple rooms of your home before you do anything else. Take a good look at what you’ve got, and also at your budget, then decide on what needs to be added or replaced. It might be your dining room table, or maybe you need a whole new dining room set. Why not the entire dining room? Heck, it might even be that you’re ready to tear down the furniture in your entire home and rebuild something gorgeous from the ashes! Ahem, sorry. See how easy it is to get carried away? If you plan what to buy from home, you can avoid the Black Friday “bloodlust” that makes us buy more than we need. No matter what you actually need, we’ve got you covered.

Step Two: Think about your style. What do you want your new piece of furniture to say about you? Are you adding to an existing aesthetic or are you revamping your home with a new modern look? A tip that often helps people who have trouble with this is to remember that one of the hallmarks of a well-designed home is a cohesive style that continues from room to room. When replacing your furniture, what should your new piece look like to fit in well with the rest of your home? If you’re still stuck, no worries, read on to the Style Guide.

Step Three: Do some “pre-shopping” online. Look through the marked down items in our Black Friday Super Sale and find what will work best for your vision. We have furniture of all styles and materials, so we know that you will find a piece or set that is perfect for your home and perfect for your budget. Once you’ve found something that sparks your interest, don’t forget to read the detailed product information online to make sure your new item fits in your space. You may have to bust out the old tape measurer for this one, but a lot of headaches can be saved down the line when you know the exact size that something needs to be in order to fit perfectly.

Once you have your Black Friday battle-plan figured out, you’re ready to go. You will have fun feeling confident and avoiding the stress of this new “holiday” of ours. For all those that crave a bit of the Black Friday rush, once you have that big furniture buy the bag you can still relax and peruse the rest of the items on sale, only now without the nagging feeling that you are missing out. When it comes to furniture, there’s nothing better than saving money and shopping around with a stress-free Black Friday experience.

Still unsure about style?

You may be thinking “that’s great and all, but I just don’t know where to begin when it comes to style.” While everyone enjoys the look of impeccable interior design, not everyone is a style expert. Luckily, we here at Furniture Row employ some style experts, and we can definitely help you out when it comes to identifying the popular styles of our discounted items. From dining and bedroom sets to sectionals and sofas, we have plenty of looks to choose from.

Style Guide

Here are some of our biggest deals on items from today’s most popular styles.

Contemporary Designs

Many people are looking to modernize their homes when replacing outdated pieces of furniture. Contemporary furniture is all about clean lines, practical design, and sleek gorgeous appeal. We have impressive deals on items with looks ranging from those of the mid-1900s to plenty suited for 2020 and beyond. Revitalize your home with contemporary furniture sets like:

Darby Bedroom Set

Darby 4 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set

Includes queen bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror
$849 $386

Calypso 5 Piece Dining Set

Calypso 5 Pc. Dining Set

Includes dining table and four chairs
$599 $299

Lucca Sofa

Lucca Sofa

Available in two colors
$1,099 $999

Classic Collections

Some things never go out of fashion. Fill your home with forms that have stood the test of time, and rest easy knowing they were made according to today’s long-lasting standards. Show off your elegant side, select from classic, sophisticated sets like:

Rock Island Parsons Dining Set Room Shot

Rock Island 5 Pc. Dining Set

Includes dining table and four chairs
$1,199 $1,099

Wellington Sofa Roomshot

Wellington Sofa

Available in two colors
$1,399 $1,299

Sierra Bedroom Set

Sierra Queen Storage Panel Bed

$699 $599

Laid-Back and Casual

It is so relaxing to walk into someone’s home and be surrounded by furniture with a laid-back feel. If you want something that is unassuming, welcoming, and effortless, we have deep discounts on our casual furniture as well. Check out the deals on:

Collegiate 5 Piece Dining Set Roomshot

Collegiate 5 Pc. Dining Set

Includes dining table and four chairs
$599 $199

Breeze 3 Piece Sectional Room Shot

Breeze 3 Pc. Sectional

$1,599 $999

Blake Bedroom Set Room Shot

Blake Queen Upholstered Bed

$299 $249

Farmhouse and Casual Country

Certainly one of today’s hottest styles, Farmhouse or Casual Country delivers traditional forms and neutral colors beneath fashionably rustic exteriors. Dress up your home by dressing it down with:

Interlude 5 Piece Dining Set Room Shot

Interlude 5 Pc. Dining Set

Includes dining table and four chairs, upholstered host chairs can be purchased separately
$1,699 $1,499

Skylar Sofa Room Shot

Skylar Sofa

Available in two colors
$699 $599

Marseilles Bedroom Set Room Shot

Marseilles Upholstered Queen Storage Bed

$899 $799

Industrial, Eclectic, and Utterly Unique

Undeniably intriguing and sure to get your guests talking, expertly selected and uniquely styled furniture can add eye-catching appeal to your space. We carry a range of looks from industrial chic to reclaimed antique. Add a touch of fun personality to your space with:

Whiskey River 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

Whiskey River 5 Pc. Counter Height Dining Set

Includes counter height dining table and four barstools
$1,175 $999

Regency Sofa Set Room Shot

Regency Sofa

Available in two colors

$999 $899

Glenwood Bed Room Shot

Glenwood Queen Panel Bed

$549 $499


Remember, Furniture Row’s Black Friday Super Sale ends on December 2nd, so start making your Black Friday furniture shopping plan now. Update your home’s style and take advantage of serious savings at Furniture Row and if you’re in the market for a new mattress, shop Denver Mattress’ Black Friday Super Sale.

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