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Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces are getting trendier and trendier with the push for urban apartment living and tiny houses. It’s now fashionable to create a smaller footprint, but many times, it’s difficult to coordinate how you are going to make it work with less space, while still accommodating all of your needs. The Front Door investigates how you can make the most of your square footage without sacrificing the functionalities of a larger home.

Big Ideas For Small Spaces Blog Post (1)Micro Dining

When considering a dining space for your little home, often times it’s best to choose counter height furniture groups, such as the Audrey 5 Pc. Dining Set (1). Creating horizontal planes among furniture heights helps create dimension and depth, which separates areas within a common space. Barstools replace traditional backed chairs to create an open aesthetic. Dining groups that are labeled “bistro” are also good for small spaces, and establish a quaint and cozy vibe. You also might want to consider investing in a drop-leaf table, which lays flat against the wall, offering half of a dining table for space-saving convenience.

Nesting Tables

Nesting tables are perfect for small spaces, because they are able to be stacked within each other when you need the extra room. They are traditionally smaller than coffee and end tables, giving you the surface area to set a beverage down, but without taking up too much of your living room’s real estate. The Wood Slab Nesting Tables (2) bring new life to a room, with cast metal bases designed to look like branch limbs and tabletops made of naturally felled trees.

Kitchen Stands

Usually, smaller spaces are lacking storage in the kitchen. A great way to bring in extra room for your cooking essentials is a kitchen cart. Look for one on wheels, so you can easily push it under a counter or table, and still have access to your spices, cookware, or other baking necessities. The Graham Kitchen Cart (3) is the stylish combination of functional and fashionable, complete with casters, storage drawer, and side hooks.


Try to open up your space with a statement mirror. Mirrors create a feeling of wide, open roominess. They can make your tiny home have an extra “window,” adding reflective light and airy spaciousness to your spot. We love the River Ridge Mirror (4), because the mixed woods allow you to elegantly bring together your eclectic wood toned furniture without feeling forced. Its modern appeal brings a fresh and retro aesthetic to any itty-bitty dwelling.

Storage Boxes

The key to any small space is organization and neatness. Storage boxes are a great way to keep your belongings categorized and easy-to-find. Consider adding vertical storage to your room by adding a overhead shelf to display your boxes, or stack them in a corner for easy access. The Block Cut Boxes (5) are rustic and charming. They will fashionably store your accessories out-of-sight behind earthy tiles over a resin base, designed to withstand the test of time.

Serving Trays

Give yourself extra tabletop space instantly with serving trays. They are the perfect solution for extra dinner guests, handing out drinks, or working couch side. If you’d like breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch, or a television-side dining experience, voila! The best part is that they are portable, and you can easily store them when you aren’t using them. The Profile Tray (6) is simple, yet functional. Available in your choice of a chestnut or espresso finish, they match any decor and make living small feel like you’re living large.

Downsized Desks

Don’t overwhelm your small space with a large desk. Instead, choose a furnishing that doesn’t take up a lot of room, such as the Hairpin Desk (7). With its modern metal legs, hidden curved drawer, and an open cubby for all the essentials, this piece is ideal for the lower square footage city life. Place this petite beauty beside your bed to let it function as a nightstand/workspace in one, using your mattress as a seat.

Shrink Your Sofa

Don’t try to bring large living room groups into your small space. Instead of trying to fit a couch and a loveseat into your living area, consider bringing in a loveseat and a chair. There often are smaller sofas and pieces that offer the seating area with taking up too much space. Don’t trust websites to order furniture unless they have full dimensions of the piece, and if possible, try to see the furnishing in person before bringing it into your micro-home. The Kelia Accent Chair (8) (which also has a matching small-sized settee), is perfect for small spaces that are looking to make a mid-century statement.

Storage on Wheels

The small homes that work best are the spaces where every object has a place. Stay organized with the industrial Locker Cabinet with Drawers (9). With 9 smaller drawers, you’ll find a home for all of your junk, keeping the clutter from taking over your precious space. Look for storage furniture with wheels, as mobile furniture allows you to recreate space to accommodate your needs time and again.

Open Shelving

Shelves are essential in small spaces. Many times, people don’t utilize the vertical space that a home has, and shelves allow for extra storage. The urban CoQuette Bookcase (10) is compact, and its open ladder design isn’t too heavy for tiny homes. Just because a space is small, doesn’t mean that you can’t display your decorations, photos, and objects that make home feel like home.

Multi-functional Furniture

Make living in a small space work like a well-oiled machine with furniture that serves several purposes. The Gladstone Futon (11) is a great space-saver, as it functions both as a sofa and a bed. We love that this piece doesn’t look like a traditional futon, and it even has two built-in cup holders. Hideaway under-bed storage allows you to store pillows and blankets for the extra sleep space. Other multi-functional pieces to look include a storage ottoman as a coffee table, a padded bench for dining/extra seating, and occasional chests as tables.

Floor Lamps

Small spaces feel smaller when they are dark, so make sure you don’t forget to bring the light in to let your tiny home shine! If you don’t have the surface space for a table lamp, consider a floor lamp, as they don’t take up any table space. Two of our stylish favorites are the Balanced Floor Lamp and the Draper Floor Lamp.

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