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Accent Chairs Accent Your Space

One of the most understated, but powerful ways to transform any space is to add accent chairs. If you think about it, almost every room in your home is somewhere you would want to be able to rest or kick back in a chair. Accent chairs provide extra seating for guests and parties. They can brighten up a room with a bold pop of color— as well as provide comfort for relaxing with a good book. They can be found in unexpected places like the dining room. Adding accent chairs to the ends of the table can ramp up elegance and creativity in the room. The Edge Parsons Side Chair is a prime example of adding an upholstered chair to the dining realm. Add a cozy chair like the Lawrence Swivel Accent Chair to the corner of the bedroom to elicit more than just slumber in the space. If you’re craving more conversation in the living room, add something like The Ashlyn Accent Chair facing directly across from the sofa. Those awkward and empty corners of your home come to life with the addition of an accent chair and small side table. Shop hundreds of accent chairs at your nearest Furniture Row.

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