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6 Tips for Your Guest Bedroom

The holiday season is one of the busiest for hosting friends and family. With shopping lists, meal planning and more, setting up your guest bedroom can feel a bit overwhelming. Our 6 tips for creating a guest-ready space will make visitors feel at home–and will help alleviate stress on you, the host. You can rely on these go-to tips during the holidays–and anytime–to be ready to host in style and comfort!

guest bedroom tips

  1. Add fresh flowers to your guest room the day of your visitor’s arrival. Whether a seasonal poinsettia or a cheerful fresh bouquet, a plant brings a welcoming, homey feeling every visitor can appreciate.
  2. Updating your linens is a simple way to style a bedroom guests will love to retreat to during the holidays. A set like the Metropolis Comforter features a versatile pattern, and adds effortlessly chic style. Finish the bed off with a skirt like this Essentials Bed Skirt. A bedskirt adds an elegant feel, and allows guests to discreetly store luggage and other items under the bed.
  3. Treat your guests to a great night’s sleep with dream-ready sheets. Prep your mattress with a plush mattress pad, and shop for soft sheets like this microfiber sheet set. Guests will love to climb into the super-soft microfiber–and you will love its easy maintenance.
  4. Throw Blankets are a great accent to any bedroom. Placing extra blankets at the foot of the bed, or in a basket in your guest room allows visitors to cozy up, and get even more comfortable. We love the Cable Knit Throw because it is soft, stylish and warm–it will be a hit with guests!
  5. Extra pillows are a simple way to give your guest comfort control. Accent pillows like this cozy Cable Knit Throw Pillow give a bed a luxurious look that’s inviting. Additionally, consider extra sleeping pillows like the Slumber Fresh Pillow for those who sleep with more than one pillow.
  6. Deep cleaning the guest room isn’t the most glamorous step, but it’s key to making your guests comfortable. Vacuuming to reduce allergens and pet hair, a little dusting, and making sure the bed is clean and neat are easy steps to welcome every guest.

We hope these 6 tips lead to pain-free prep this holiday season. And remember, the most important thing about any visit is the time spent together! Don’t stress, just do your best to make your space guest ready–and enjoy the holidays!

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