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6 Rug Styles to Love

Area rugs are a great addition to any room. They can anchor a space, help with noise, add color and texture, and make the area more inviting. Rooms come in all shapes, sizes, and styles–and so do rugs! Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, the shape and style of your accent rug can really play up your space. We’ve put together 6 picks to show how the right rug style can enhance your living area.

1. Traditional Rug – If you’re looking to add an area rug to a classic space, seek a rug with a timeless pattern and palette. How you position the rug is up to you, but we love the way this traditional Palencia Orange Rug breaks up the hardwood flooring, frames the dining group, and adds subtle texture and color–all with a traditional feel.



2. Contemporary – If you want to make a contemporary style statement with an area rug, select a piece with sleek lines, geometric patterning, and streamlined design elements. We LOVE the Infinity Pumpkin Rug: its lively colors, multi-dimensional weave, and funky-yet-fluid patterning give the space depth, texture, and a trendy feel. 



3. Transitional – If your space bridges traditional with modern, a transitional rug is a great idea. Inspired by classic rug detailing, transitional pieces like the Granada Blue Rug incorporate deconstructed-yet-traditional elements for a look that can be made more traditional, or more modern. We love the interrupted pattern, the slightly-worn look, AND the somewhat-traditional feel this rug achieves!



4. Shag – Before you dismiss shag rugs as a blast from the past, consider today’s take on shag. Luxurious and anything but a throwback, shag rugs like the Sparkle Shag Rug soften a space, add texture, warmth, and a hint of glam. We really like it in this nursery, where it is both stylish and cozy.



5. Novelty – Want to make a style statement? Try adding a novelty rug. These rugs break with convention in their shape, pattern, material, and size. Novelty rugs don’t have to be loud, or out of place in your design–in fact, when used as an anchoring piece the way this Faux Cow Hide Rug is, they can add a sumptuous, rich feel.



6. Outdoor – It’s clear rooms really get a boost from area rugs–and your outdoor living space is no exception! When shopping for outdoor rugs, select products like the Montego Medallion Outdoor Rug that are made to withstand the elements. Woven for outdoor use, outdoor rugs add color, define a seating area, and make your patio feel like an extension of your indoor style.

We hope you loved these 6 rug styles as much as we do. Once you’ve found the rugs you love for your space, be sure to check out our Area Rug Dos and Don’ts with downloadable placement guide!

6 Rug Styles to Love from The Front Door

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