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Yarn Christmas Tree

DIY-Yarn-Christmas-Tree-Featured-ImageChristmas is about traditions old & new, and perhaps the most beloved is decorating the Christmas tree. This season, we kept the tradition of the Tannenbaum alive, but gave it a non-traditional twist: Instead of using the classic fir, we constructed a yarn Christmas tree! We found this fun idea on another great blog, and we couldn’t resist giving it a try.

Ideal for small living spaces or areas without  power outlets (like our office lobby), the yarn tree is festive, seasonal, and space-saving. Easily assembled and mounted on any wall, the yarn tree brings the best of the Christmas season to your decor in a fun, new way. Check out photos below of our tree, and the simple directions for creating your own.

The most fun part of this project is that there are no rules for making your perfect tree. Choose the colors you love, and create a new tree tradition of your own. From garland and ribbons, to glittered tinsel and ornaments, there are endless accents to bring seasonal shine to your tree.

What you will need:

  1. Yarn in a color of your choosing
  2. Command wall hooks/any wall-safe adhesive hooks
  3. Adhesive-backed ribbon/desired decorations for tree

How to:

  1. Arrange the adhesive hooks in desired locations on wall
  2. Allow adhesive hooks to set before beginning threading
  3. Anchor end of yarn to desired starting point
  4. Weave across hooks until desired tree pattern is created
  5. Embellish tree with seasonal decorations

To view original source, click here! 

Happy Holidays!

And our final product!

The Front Door Furniture Row DIY Yarn Christmas Tree

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