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Upholstery Glossary: Guide to Fabric Pattern Names

A bit of pattern on a furnishing can add dimension and depth to any room, but it’s important to choose furniture with a print that complements the rest of the decor in a space. This guide to fabric pattern names will help you find the upholstery that you’ve been longing for! Download the printout here, and happy shopping!

Fabric Pattern Names



Often embroidered, this design boasts sprawling floral, plant, or animal shapes. If you want a bit of jacobean beauty in your home, try the Aberdeen Chair.



This fabric pattern has raised designs atop rich cloth and often uses metallic threads. Beautiful with oversized brocade over a red background, the Shelby II Accent Chair makes a lovely statement.



This fabric pattern uses overlapping lines to create squares in two colors. If one of these colors is white, it is called gingham. Furniture Row’s Sea Dreams Kids Comforter Set has several different checked patterns.



Similar to tie-dying, the warps or wefts are dyed before being woven in this fabric pattern. The threads appear to be pulled in opposite directions along the dyed fabric. We love the Valerie Ikat Rug for an exotic touch.



Thick, solid stripes are separated by thinner stripes in this fabric pattern. If you want cabana-inspired stripes in your space, consider purchasing the Varela Glen Accent Chair.



This pattern sports small objects (often circles) in a block repeat. If you want to incorporate a touch of foulard in your home, the Jillian Accent Ottoman is as pretty as a picnic in red and white.



This pattern’s focus is flowers. A floral upholstery can be bright or neutral, have big or small blossoms, and can be repeating or spontaneous. Trendy in orange, blue, and green, the Dahlia Accent Chair will bring whimsical charm to your space.



Highly texturized, this look boasts raised, embossed weaving. Soft to the touch, the Crosby Accent Chair is a great way to add a jacquard pattern to your space



This zigzag pattern uses alternating colors to create angled slopes. This fun pattern is found on the throw pillows of Furniture Row’s Meow & More Accent Chair.



With large, coin-shaped circles and intricate details, this fabric pattern is quite ornamental. We love the Grandstand Accent Chair in chocolate-brown and blue.



With a look similar to denim, this fabric is woven with faint stripes created by different shades of yarns. The Heirloom III Accent Chair will look sophisticated and refined in any room in your house.



This fabric pattern features stripes of varying widths. The Mackinaw Stripe Rug brings in beiges, blues, and other neutrals to bring abstract carpeting to your floors.



Onion-shaped in design, this pattern boasts a continuous, repeating S curve. Fresh in a soft green, the Larson Accent Chair boasts a white ogee pattern for an elegant touch.



Also called “boteh,” paisley is a fabric pattern that spotlights a teardrop shaped floral/garden motif with intricate designs stemming from each “blossom.” If you are looking for a paisley accent chair, try the Providence Recliner.



Similar to check, this pattern forms a blocked square pattern with overlapping stripes in several colors. If plaid is your upholstery of choice, check out the handsome and smart Rugby Accent Chair.



This pattern has even circular dots scattered over a solid background. Dainty and sweet, Furniture Row’s Lunares Kids Comforter Set has pink and white dots for a darling look.



This symmetrical pattern features an ornamental design with four lobes or leaves that resemble a flower or four-leaf clover. For a muted quatrefoil seat, add the Briargate Accent Chair to your space.



This fabric pattern is whimsical and often depicts outdoors scenes of daily life. For a dose of sweet cottage charm, add the Robins Nest Bench to your bedroom at the end of the bed, your entryway, or anywhere else needing extra seating.

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