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Three Home Office Styles

Want to set up a stylish home work space? Or, looking to reinvent your current home office? We’ve put together some home office trends to make creating a work-friendly, design-savvy space easier than ever. Whether using classic home office furnishings or unexpected pieces,  choosing designs that suit your style and work needs can create an inspired place where you can be productive, and happy!


How to set up a traditional home office.

This traditional home office is anchored by the Woodlands Desk and Woodlands Hutch and Bookcase–each an office staple. Desk drawers allow for work essentials to be discreetly organized and stored, and bookshelves let you display personalizing touches. No need for a traditional office space to be stuffy! We LOVE framed photos on the bookcase, and really like softening the dark wood of the furnishings with a vintage-inspired piece like this frame from Sofa Mart!

What’s especially great about home office pieces is that they are made to work, and to look great doing it! Designed with storage, and work-friendly organizational compartments, pieces like the Woodlands are a simple way to set up a stylish space you can feel great about working in. Combining two bookshelves with the complimenting  hutch expands the storage across the back wall, and really defines the room as a workspace. If you are limited and cannot fit the hutch, the bookshelves are wonderful on their own, and can be spaced out to meet your needs.



How to style an office nook in the home.

If you’re a multi-tasker and need an office space that is too, styling a desk nook can be the  perfect solution! A space-saving desk like the Seattle Computer Desk has the tech-storage, paper filing ability, and catch-all drawers that make it great for that office oasis in any room of your home. For added style and function, we LOVE the bulletin board trend. This board is simple to make with fabric of your choosing, and is a wonderful way to add functionality to your office nook.  The above-desk bulletin board is useful for keeping important things top-of-mind, rom to-do lists to sweet snapshots of friends and family. Want to give this office trend DIY a try? Check it out on Home Is Here, now!

We came across this home office nook and really like the use of the limited space to create a functional, discreet office! Sleek, small and functional, a simple piece like the Montego Writing Desk would be perfect for recreating a space like this one. Baskets, cute home accents, and other personal touches would really round out the look of this space.



Tips for creating a craft office in the home.

Want a workstation without committing to a full home office? Using a generously sized table in a spare room, and some clever storage solutions can transform a space into a multi-purpose, multi-use home office. Start off by choose a table that suits your style, and needs. We LOVE the Baltimore 5 Piece Dining Set because its casual, counter-height look lends it to a variety of work/projects: Perfect for crafting, for laptop work, and for studying, a counter-height table can be a fun take on the traditional desk.

For added functionality, style, and storage, baskets are a great solution. Textured, natural, and stylish, baskets like those shown on the Matrix Espresso Media Console, allow for compartmentalized organization–and add a designer touch! If space is limited, try adding stacked baskets like the Tuscan Retreat Basket Collection. Stacked, neat, and stylish, baskets like these are a wonderful idea for areas without room for a full media console or shelving.


How to make the walls work for you in your home office.

We LOVE the idea of using walls as organizational tools, and really like these wall mounted bulletin boards! Easy to install, and easily updated with new papers/important documents, this trend is a great addition to any home office with some wall space to spare. This is a great project that will add a personalized touch to your room, and makes it easy to keep on top of important papers.

Another great find is this inspired organization wall. With a chalk board, storage baskets, and more, it is a charming command station ideal for a desk nook, or office. Adding a wall-mounted shelf is a great, space saving addition to any home office.

What workspace would be complete without a little inspiration? As you organize you space and your walls, consider adding framed quotes, words of encouragement, and inspirational posters.  Personal touches like this can make your home office feel more like home. You can start here with these downloadable inspiration quotes from the Front Door, and build a great wall of inspiration as you go!!


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