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Stay Organized with Kitchen Storage

It’s the season for gathering around the table with family and friends, and with all that cooking, your kitchen can become quite a mess. Whether your cooking area is spacious or on the smaller side, you can never have enough counter space or kitchen storage for all your pots and pans, so why not add a piece that does both? Multi-functional furniture in your kitchen or dining room will ensure you’re prepared for dinner and dessert, so take a look at these convenient products from Furniture Row for some inspiration on how to turn your cooking area from cluttered to clean!


You can never have enough shelves.

If your kitchen cabinets are becoming cluttered, invest in a china cabinet! Perfect for your dining area or kitchen, china cabinets or servers that feature shelves are great for storing antique china you wish to display or keep safely hidden, clunky pots and pans, or even boxed or canned food items that don’t seem to fit in your pantry. Extra shelving is the easy way to stay organized, so keep orderly with more kitchen storage options. The Mission II China Cabinet from Furniture Row offers interior shelves behind glass-paneled doors, so your guests can view your beautiful glasses and dishware, and also provides bottom cabinet and drawer storage for items you wish to keep out of sight.

It’s okay to have a junk drawer.

As much as we would like, sometimes we just don’t have time to put back every single stirring spoon, so assign yourself a designated junk drawer! Most experts agree that sometimes a little mess can go a long way in helping you stay sane in a sea of neatly labeled storage. Items that you use often and need to get to quickly are best inside your junk drawer, so pick a place that’s within easy reach! The drawer doesn’t have to be under your kitchen counter either! Island tables that double as counter space and feature bins, baskets, or drawers below like on the the Lake House Counter Height Island Table are ideal for easy access storage.

Mix countertops and tabletops.

Oftentimes more than one cutting board just simply isn’t enough, so make sure you have enough counter space! Tabletops that are made of countertop materials such as granite, marble, or stone slate slabs are a great substitution for cutting boards, hot plate holders, or coasters. Add more multi-purpose surface space with an island table, server, or cabinet that features a luxurious tabletop! For countertop-like tabletops, check out the Cabriolet Stone Top Cabinet that features a high-end blue limestone tabletop, and the Tuscany Cellar Kitchen Island Table that’s topped with a smooth stone slate center.

Enjoy meals on wheels!

Nothing says convenience like mobile furniture! Wheels or casters on the feet of kitchen carts and islands are perfect for transporting ready-made dishes to your guests or carrying wine and utensils so that you can keep people out of the kitchen when they go for a refill or need an extra knife. A compact kitchen cart like the Eaton Kitchen Cart can even be used as additional counter space while larger movable pieces like the Sonoma Slatted Island offers two bottom shelves that will hold anything you need to be easily accessible.

Pamper your guests with fine wine.

Last but not least, every dining occasion needs some festivity! Showcase your impressive vino collection with convenient wine bottle storage that will hold all your reds and whites as well as glasses and drinking accessories. The Tuscan Retreat Wine Storage Cabinet can hold an impressive 52 bottles, leaving room for other kitchen storage with a large glass-paned cabinet, two small drawers, and a bottom cabinet. If your wine collection is a little smaller, you could also add a beautiful server like the rustic barnyard-inspired Belle Manor Server which features two hanging racks for wine glasses as well as room for six bottles.

No matter what the dining occasion, don’t fret. Stay organized with convenient kitchen storage in your home, so you’ll never waste time looking for an oven mitt again!

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