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How to Repurpose Your College Student’s Old Bedroom

Although it may be sad to see your not-so-little-one leave the nest for dorm life, one perk of the change is that you now have extra space in your home. Instead of sitting around stewing about how your baby is all grown up, repurpose your college student’s old bedroom to create the space you’ve always wanted. Whether you want a peaceful yoga gym or a crafty art room, you can make a place that makes you forget about those empty nest blues.

Home Office

One way to repurpose your college student’s old bedroom is to create a home office. You’ll get the job done with your own space to work in peace. You could even start up a new business to keep your mind off your absent teenager! The possibilities are endless!

Home office

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Guest Bedroom

Now that your scholar is off at school, you’ll have plenty of time to entertain guests. Give family and friends a place to stay when they visit, and repurpose your college student’s old bedroom to sleeping quarters for guests. This way you won’t have an excuse to invite out-of-towners to your home to catch up!

Guest Bedroom

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Home Theater

Grab the popcorn and repurpose your college student’s old bedroom into a home theater! You’ll love to catch up on your favorite shows and spend nights cuddled up with your spouse for much-needed alone time. Choose comfortable seating, cozy accessories, and stylish media storage and voila! Time to turn down the lights…


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