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Festive and Fun No Carve Pumkpin Ideas
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Festive & Fun Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Festive and Fun No Carve Pumkpin IdeasNothing says it’s time for Halloween like carving pumpkins. To get into the spirit of the spooky season, the Front Door took pumpkins into our own hands for some fun spins on traditional pumpkin crafting.

Inspired by creative and out-of-the-box suggestions from various sites, we attempted a few festive pumpkin decorating ideas for ourselves. Check out the gallery below for pics and tips–and for links to full instruction on decorating your very own pumpkins just in time for Halloween.

Festive and Fun Glitter Star No Carve Pumpkin Idea

With simple supplies like school glue and your favorite glitter, a pumpkin can be instantly glitzed up. We started with a small white pumpkin with orange veins. The black stars contrast well against the pumpkins natural skin, but to really make the glitter pop, painting your pumpkin a solid background color is a great idea. Any size pumpkin will work.

Simply apply glue in the areas you want glittered, then pour on the glitterHINT: It is useful to apply glitter on a piece of paper that will allow you to gather and reuse excess glitter. Once the pumpkin is glittered to your liking, let it dry & enjoy! FOR MORE INSTRUCTION & INSPIRATION…

Festive and Fun Melted Crayon Carve Pumpkin Idea

To pump up the color & fun factor of our pumpkins, we hopped on the “melted crayon” trend. Using a home hair dyer, a box of crayons, and hot glue we were able to create a colorful crayon pumpkin. Our white pumpkin worked just fine–but we wish we had painted it white to give the colors even more pop. We found that high heat and air settings melted the crayons faster, but watch out for splattering. HINT: When peeling the wrappers off of your crayons, first break them in half (per instructions). This makes the wrappers easier to remove. Also consider arranging crayons in a color pattern that will be pretty even after melting. FOR MORE INSTRUCTION & INSPIRATION…

Festive and Fun Push Pin No Carve Pumpkin Idea

Who knew sticking to it could be stylish? With push pins and a little patience, a pumpkin can be easily transformed. We love stripes, and selected clear, black, and red pins to create a ghoulishly glam pattern. HINT: A small pumpkin may work best for this one. Push pins are small, and many are needed to cover a regular size pumpkin.Festive and Fun Thumb Tack Monogram No Carve Pumpkin Idea

Who wouldn’t love a personalized pumpkin? Using the same technique as the pushpin pumpkin, we placed the silver thumbtacks for a glamorous monogrammed look. HINT: While this pumpkin was done freehand, you can draw your lettering onto the pumpkin before sticking the thumbtacks. We chose to cover the pumpkin for a black background; black–or any color–paint would work well here. FOR MORE INSTRUCTION & INSPIRATION…


Looking for a decoration that is ideal for an illuminated pumpkin? This translucent spiral carving is a fun take on traditional carving, and allows the entire pumpkin to glow. The first–and most fun, depending on how you look at it!–step is to scoop out, and clean your pumpkin. To carve the pumpkin we used a laminate cutting tool. The trick with a translucent carving is to not completely cut through the pumpkin, but to shave or thin the pumpkin’s skin. By cutting the outer layers, the pumpkin becomes translucent without having holes or windows through it. HINT: Tracing your desired pattern can help with accuracy; to thin the walls of your pumpkin for translucence, try scraping out the inside of your pumpkin even more before you start carving the outside.

Festive and Fun Translucent Carved Designs No Carve Pumpkin Idea

Using the same laminate carving tool, you can carve any picture into your pumpkin. The laminate tool gives you precision to cut away layers of pumpkin, and is strong enough to cut all the way through the pumpkin as needed. This carved pumpkin is our very own Front Door logo…with a ghost popping out! HINT: It helped us to draw the desired image onto the pumpkin before carving. Be sure to identify what is positive and negative space when carving your image. FOR MORE INSTRUCTION & INSPIRATION…

No matter what technique you use to decorate you pumpkin, you can create one you will love by selecting materials, colors, and patterns that match your style. Happy decorating, and Happy Halloween!

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