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Pet-Friendly Sofas: Couches for Cat and Dog Lovers

If you have a pet, you most likely deal with shedding. Although there isn’t much you can do to prevent this, you can choose furniture that minimalizes the appearance of fur. We’ve compiled six of the best pet-friendly sofas and included all of the tips on how to choose a couch that will work for you and your dog or cat.

Dog on couch

Tips to Keep Your Sofa Free of Pet Hair

  1. Groom Fluffy often. Bathing and brushing your pets help them to naturally shed their hair, which means less fur will end up on your sofa or other furniture.
  2. Vacuum regularly. You may want to invest in a hand-held cleaner to make ridding your couch of pet hair in a jiffy easier. We recommend the Shark® Rocket™ Handheld Vacuum, available for about $100 at most retailers.
  3. Match colors to your pet’s hair. If you have a white kitty, avoid a black couch. If your pooch is tan colored, invest in a beige sofa.

Best Fabrics for Pet-Friendly Sofas

cat on sofa

Leather/Faux Leather

Leather is one of the best fabrics for those seeking pet-friendly sofas because it is long-lasting and durable. Pet hair doesn’t stick to leather or faux leather and can easily be removed from it. Leather gets better with use and when dirty, you can wipe it down with a leather cleaner to make cleanup a snap.

Please note, if your cat uses your leather couch as a scratching post, it is likely their claws will damage the leather. Like sofas in any fabric, this behavior should be discouraged.

Below, the Frisco Sofa is made of genuine Italian leather and features a nice patina that wears well with time.


Microfiber/Ultra-suede (Synthetic Fiber)

Another fabric that is great for pet-friendly sofas is synthetic fiber. Materials labeled “microfiber” or “ultra-suede” usually are easy to clean. Pet fur doesn’t cling to this fabric, and since there aren’t loops in material, Sparky’s claws won’t get caught and snag your furniture.

Furniture Row makes an amazing fabric for pet-friendly sofas. Enduro-Suede® is a synthetic, suede-like polyester that is durable, soft, and resistant to stains. Shop Enduro-Suede® furniture here.

The Olyver Sofa Group is a great option for those with light-colored pets that want a microfiber feel.


Fabrics with a Tight Weave

The best pet-friendly sofas are those made of fabrics with a tight weave. Anything heavily textured should be avoided, as pet hair tends to get caught in it, making it hard to clean. Below, the

Below, the Hampton Sofa has a very tight weave, great for animal lovers.

HamptonSofaWorst Fabrics for Pet-Friendly Sofas

Dog on sofaVelvet

Velvet is a pet-hair magnet. Avoid velvet when searching for pet-friendly sofas, as it is difficult to clean and once damaged, there is no way to repair it.

Woven/Tweedy Fabrics

When pet hair gets on woven fabrics such as tweed or linen, it is hard to remove because it gets caught in the uneven surface.


Silk is very delicate and hard to clean. It doesn’t do well with stains or moisture, and above all, it’s usually pretty expensive.


Chenille is soft and durable, but the little loops of the pile that make chenille so appealing can get caught in your pet’s claws. Once these loops are pulled, they never can really be fixed.

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