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Download Pumpkin Carving Template
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Original Pumpkin Carving Templates

Carving pumpkins is the perfect activity for getting into the spooky spirit of Halloween. Whether you go for our stitched-up spin on the classic Jack-O-Lantern, or have a hoot with the wise owl pattern, these Front Door-original templates are sure to transform your pumpkins into festive & fun holiday decorations.

How to Carve A Pumpkin:

1. Cut a hole in the pumpkin: Use a keyhole saw to cut a hole in the pumpkin. Save the top for a lid.  If you plan to use candles, cut the hole in the top. For electric lighting, cut into the bottom. NEVER LEAVE CANDLES UNATTENDED.

2. Scoop out the insides: Use a scraper or a large metal spoon to scoop out the inside. The cleaner, the better!

3. Transfer your stencil: Use duct or masking tape to affix the template to your pumpkin, OR, hand draw a template onto the pumpkin. Next poke holes along the template using a T-pin tool to create a traced pattern.

4. Carve: Using a linoleum cutter or a carving tool, carve along the traced pattern. MAKE SURE AN ADULT IS PRESENT FOR CARVING. FOR MORE INSTRUCTION & INSPIRATION…

5. PRESERVE: To prevent the pumpkin from browning early, you can rub petroleum jelly along the exposed edges, OR, you can give your carved pumpkin a bath in bleach water to prevent rotting.


HINT: For these original pumpkin carving templates, cut out the black.



Download the Stitched Jack-O-Lantern

Download the Owl Template

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