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Melt and Pour Soap: Layered Lavender and Tea Tree Oil Soap

I’m Rose, an Art Contributor at the Front Door. Today I want to share my melt and pour soap recipe using my doTerra essential oils for a 3 layered soap! We use soap every day. But sometimes we aren’t exactly sure what’s in the ingredients list. There is something empowering about knowing exactly what you’re putting on your body on a daily basis. Melt and pour soap is also very cost effective for the household. It’s an extremely easy DIY and you can customize your ingredients for your health and fragrance preferences.

melt and pour soap

Supplies for Melt and Pour Soap

  • wood soap box
  • soap cutter
  • 2 lb. clear soap base
  • 2 lb. goats milk soap base
  • 2 lb. shea butter soap base
  • essential oil(s) of choice
  • poppy seeds
  • dried calendula leaves
  • dried lavender leaves
  • double boiler (or glass baking bowl and regular boiling pot)
  • thermometer
  • stir stick
  • freezer paper


Instructions for Melt and Pour Soap

  1. Chop the bases into 1 inch thick pieces, keeping the bases separate from each other.
  2. Place the chopped soap base pieces in the double boiler or in the glass bowls floating in a pot of water. Turn on medium heat and let each base melt completely. The goat milk will take the longest to melt.
  3. While the soap is heating up, line your soap box with freezer paper. Here is a good video on how to line a standard soap box.
  4. Once the soap is melted, pour the first base (I used shea as my bottom layer.). Mix in 6-10 drops of your essential oils (I used lavender.) and the dried goods you wish to add.
  5. Let the soap cool and keep your other 2 bases on low heat.
  6. Once the bottom layer is partially cooled, add the second layer. I used the clear base for the second layer and added the calendula laves/melaleuca oil.
  7. Let the second layer cool partially and repeat the process for your top layer. I used lavender, poppy seeds, and dried lavender for the top layer.
  8. Let the soap cool completely (can take up to 24 hours).
  9. Cut your soap using your soap cutter and enjoy!

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