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DIY Marble Easter Eggs
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Marbled Easter Eggs

In the spirit of spring, we decided to try this fun craft for Easter.  This marbled egg DIY is a modern twist on the Easter tradition, and is fun for all ages. Inspired by Camille Styles, we decided to give these colorful eggs a try–and loved how they turned out! See below for gallery, and for instructions on how to DIY your own marbleized eggs.

DIY Marble Easter Egg HoleDIY Marble Easter Egg DrainingDIY Marble Easter Egg EmptyDIY Marble Easter Egg Nail PolishDIY Marble Easter Egg WaterDIY Marble Easter Egg MixingDIY Marble Easter Egg DryingDIY Marble Easter Egg Drying 2DIY Marble Easter Eggs

You Will Need:
Drained Eggs
Nail polish in your favorite springy colors
Disposable container of cold water
Stirring stick
Paper towel
Rubber gloves

How to marbleize your eggs:
1. First, drain the eggs: Puncture a small hole in the top and bottom of each egg. Be careful not to crack the surrounding shell.
2. Allow yoke to drain, overnight if needed. To expedite, we found that blowing into the top was the best way to get the contents out.
3. Put 3-5 drops of each polish color into the cold water. The order colors are introduced to the water will effect the marbleization pattern.
4. Stir the contents with disposable stir stick.
5. Submerge each egg fully and then remove. Swirl the egg to get better coverage and enhance the marbleization. Wearing rubber gloves will protect your hands!
6. Allow some time to dry before handling–but the eggs should be ready to go after being dipped!

The great thing about these eggs is how long they will last! Unlike traditional hardboiled eggs, these hollowed shells won’t turn or go bad. You can enjoy your colorful creations on Easter and long after.

Photos by Kristie Carney

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