Top Ten House Plants Guide

As the months start to get colder, one way to satisfy your green thumb is to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. House plants can make any space feel cheerier, and with these low-maintenance solutions, caring for your new botanical friends shouldn’t be too difficult. The added bonus? These thriving home accessories also will make your space feel fresh and rejuvenated, as they all have the ability to purify the air. NASA suggests that every household have 10-15 plants for air purification, so let the search begin with this helpful house plants guide!

We’ve compiled ten of the best house plants to try out as the outdoor trees start to lose their leaves and as snow begins to fall. You’ll love them so much that they are sure to become year-round staples to make your space more inviting and your oxygen cleaner.


Learn more about each plant here.

Download the house plants guide for happy green shopping!


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    Save money, many of the plants, ei. Spiders, snake plants, philodendrums, cactus and ivys can be multiplied easily. They wonderful gifts for holidays and new neighbors, and get well gifts. I have a cactus start my father,(Fred) gave to me 50 years ago. It has little sprouts like ears that come out all year, I pick them start them in a shot glass of water until it gets roots then plant in a container wrapped in pretty paper pass on the story. Everyone in my neighborhood and their families have *Freds* now. SHARE A GREEN TALENT

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    Diana Prince

    That’s a great tip, Dee. Thanks!

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