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Greg’s DIY: Easy Mirror Project

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Mirrors can help bring light into a dark space and add dimension to a small one. We tapped our Residential Interior Designer, Greg Utsinger for an easy mirror project that would mimic the starburst mirror trend for a fraction of the cost. Here’s Greg’s DIY:

I’ve always loved starburst mirrors, but some of these can cost upwards of $200. Still, I needed something to fill the space over the bed, so I came up with a solution to create the look for about $7.

At my local craft store I bought a couple packages of round mirror tiles in assorted sizes and some tacky adhesive putty.

I already had a small round mirror, so I added the tiles to the wall around the mirror in a gradually expanding design. It not only brings in the needed light, but added a sense of whimsy and romanticism in a modern way.


Making Mirror Supplies

Greg's DIY Mirror Final

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