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Framed To-Do List DIY

Keeping track of all of the projects I’m juggling at the same time can be hard, and I hate how cluttered dozens of sticky notes around my monitor can look. So we thought up a way to stay organized, that can be reusable to cut down on multiple copies, and only adds to the décor! Our framed to-do list DIY is easy, efficient, and also available to download for free! Organization never looked so good.

  • Cheap, plain frame from Michael’s, 7″ x 17″
  • Spray paint
  • Newspaper
  • Free downloadable To-Do List, printed and cut to size

Finished and Framed To Do List

  1. Lay down newspaper or another easily disposed material outdoors and out of any heavy wind.
  2. Place your frame, with the glass and back removed, face up on the covered ground.
  3. Shake your spray paint can vigorously before starting. Spray in even, slow strokes from left to right. Make sure you get all of the sides covered as well.
  4. Let dry overnight. Inspect in the morning to see if there are any blotches or unevenness. You can always do another coat or two – or however many it takes!
  5. Print out our free To-Do List and fit it inside your painted frame. Use erasable markers to always keep your list up to date!

Downloadable To Do Lists

To download, click on the link to the corresponding number you would like, then in the new window, right click and “Save Image As…”




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