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Flower Meanings: A Guide to the Perfect Bouquet

There’s nothing better than gifting sweet-smelling flowers to someone you care about, but did you know you could also make the perfect bouquet that sends a catered message for that special someone? Floriography, or the language of flowers, is a method of communication through the arrangement of various types of blossoms. With this easy guide to gorgeous flower meanings, you can create a sweet bouquet for a friend, mother, wife, or anyone else who deserves a personalized gesture of affection.

Flower Meanings Front Door


For a happy occasion, make sure you celebrate with chrysanthemums! Seen as the flower of joy and optimism, the chrysanthemum (also called a mum) comes in a variety of species and colors and is most common in autumn bouquets. Perfect for friendship or well-wishing, a bouquet of chrysanthemums is a gesture of happiness and long life.

Calla Lily

Named for the Greek word “calla,” which means beautiful, the calla lily is the exotic looking flower that’s perfect for a bride on her wedding day. White calla lilies are the most common and mean innocence, while the flower can also symbolize purity, fertility, and devotion—the perfect components for marital bliss. Calla lilies are also a popular Easter flower because they religiously symbolize rebirth. For a fresh beautiful accent, a single calla lily in a vase will look stunning in your home!


Used abundantly in soaps and perfumes, lavender might be the most popular scented flower in existence. Since purple is the color of royalty, this violet lusciously scented bloom is historically sweet but also brings elegance, grace, serenity, femininity, and refinement to a bouquet. Give lavender to signify your sweetheart is not only beautiful outside, but inside as well or to someone who needs to relax and unwind with sweet-smelling bliss.


Out of all the flowers, the dahlia might be the most unique in its meaning! If you know someone who is going through a major change or needs assistance, a bouquet of dahlias will help them be strong and express positive endurance. Dahlias can also signify a lasting bond or commitment, so give them to someone who means a lot to you as a token of kindness and support.


Also known as larkspur, delphinium is the flower you may not have heard of, but have definitely seen in the most gorgeous of bouquets. This beautiful flower grows abundantly in nature, so add delphinium to create a lovely wildflower bouquet. Use delphinium to symbolize cheerfulness and goodwill for someone who needs to lift their spirits.


Everyone loves daffodils—and for good reason! This uplifting blossom will bring a boost of energy to any atmosphere and remind us of spring since it symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings. This yellow trumpet-shaped flower will ensure happiness for anyone who receives it, so celebrate good times and joy with a bouquet of this sunny floral! Give daffodils for a housewarming gift or to celebrate the coming of spring.


Another popular wedding flower, the gardenia is gorgeously known as “the love flower.” With a sweet fragrance, this blossom has beautiful petals and symbolizes refinement, purity, and true love. Use gardenias to show how lovely you think someone is.


This bright yellow flower will definitely remind you of the sun, but this tall bloom also means faithfulness and loyalty. Since sunflowers are also a crop, they can symbolize harvest, bounty, and good luck. Giving someone a sunflower means you adore them and wish them the best in happiness and life.


If you are head over heels for your honey, then tulips will help you profess your true love. This elongated, graceful blossom is associated with deep affection, but can also suggest rebirth and charity. Another springtime flower, the tulip is one of the most passionate and will look beautiful in a bouquet for someone you simply can’t live without.


The peony is the traditional flower of China, and this lush, rounded blossom symbolizes honor and good fortune to all those who receive it. A gesture of romance, passion, prosperity, and compassion, the peony can represent a number of things and is the perfect flower for any occasion.


If you’re looking for an exotic flower unlike any other, the snapdragon is the blossom that will capture anyone’s attention. Snapdragons can simply be apologetic or give its receiver grace and strength. If you receive a snapdragon, know that the giver is trying to make amends and remind you that they care.

Baby’s Breath

Suggestive like its name, baby’s breath is a flower that symbolizes purity, innocence, and everlasting love. This gorgeous flower with tiny buds is commonly used in weddings to adorn bouquets with beauty and grace.


Fresh-citrus scented freesia is the perfect flower to give your friends to show them your trust and devotion. Sweetness in appearance and smell, this delicate blossom is always in season with florists and is easy to arrange in a variety of ways. You will love this beautiful flower in any bouquet!


Hyacinth is the flower of truth and sincerity, so show someone you mean it when you say you care with this lovely bloom. This cool climate perennial plant has a beautiful effect in a bouquet and represent can represent hope and forgiveness.

Love this guide to flower meanings? Download and print the PDF here.

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