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DIY Perfect Caulk Lines

Have you ever wondered how contractors get those perfectly straight caulk lines? If you’re putting off re-caulking your bathtub or countertops, there is a really simple trick to getting those professional looking caulk lines. All you need are the right materials and little patience.


  • Tub & Tile Polyseamseal + caulk (in squeeze bottle)
  • Painters Tape
  • Ice cubes
  • Gloves


  1. Before you get started, clean your workspace of any dust. You do not want dust or particles trapped underneath the caulk as it might peel or look lumpy. Cheese cloth is by far the best way to wipe away dust and you can get it at the hardware store. After your space is clean, apply the two strips of tape. Be sure to leave extra room on each side for the caulk to fully cover the open space. Make sure each strip is pressed down firmly as you don’t want any caulk getting trapped under the tape.



2. After you have your two strips of tape, apply a generous amount of calk all the way down to the end of the tape. Only do one wall or corner at a time.



3. When your tape is in place, it’s time to caulk. First use your finger (starting from the top) and run it all the way down over the calk. Be sure the caulk is spreading through the open space as well as onto your tape. Next, grab an ice cube out of the freezer. Use the rounded edge drag it down the same area you used your finger. The coldness of the cube will create a glazed looking finish and keep the line extremely smooth. Only do this once, as the cube will start to melt!



4.Let your caulk dry for 5 minutes. Just like with paint, it’s best to take the painters tape off while the paint is still a little wet. The same is true for the calk. If the caulk is completely dry when you take the tape off, the tape will rip off chunks of caulk. After 5 minutes gently remove painters tape.



5. Let sit for 24 hours and enjoy!


Please share your project photos and tips in the comment section!


DIY- Caulking



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