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DIY Halloween Pumpkins

It’s that frightfully fun time of year, which means ghoulishly festive DIY projects are in season. In the spooky spirit of Halloween, we carved pumpkins at the Front Door–and want to share with you a few tips for your own pumpkin party! Read on for instructions, and links to templates. Happy Halloween!


Boil and bubble, toil and trouble! This Creepy Cauldron template is a fun, wickedly wonderful carving idea!


Hoo, me? This Ominous Owl template turned out to be a Halloween hoot…


Meow meow! This killer kitty is a fun, feline interpretation of the spooky season. Get the template here


  • Pumpkin
  • Carving kit, or preferred cutting tool
  • Template, if desired
  • Marker, if needed
  • Trash bag for pumpkin insides
  • Candle for illumination

          HOW TO PREP & CARVE

  1. The first step is to cut a lid in the pumpkin top, and gut the pumpkin. Be sure to cut at an angle so the lid does not fall into the pumpkin.
  2. Now, get in there and clean out the pumpkin guts! HINT: The cleaner the pumpkin, the longer your carved masterpiece will last.
  3. If you are using a stencil, tape it to your clean pumpkin. HINT: the more flush to the pumpkin the stencil is adhered, the easier it is to accurately trace it.
  4. After the stencil is fixed in place, use the dotting tool from your carving kit to puncture through the paper stencil onto the pumpkin. This will give you a dotted silhouette to cut along. You can also cut through the stencil if you are confident in your cutting skills :).
  5. Once you have your stencil traced onto pumpkin, use a cutting tool to cut out the design. Always supervise children with carving kit.

If you are not the template type, FREEHAND carving is the way to go!

Follow the above instructions for prepping your pumpkin. Then, draw your design with marker, and get carving!


This Front Door original Frightful Face captures the season–who says clowns aren’t scary? This Halloween one certainly is!


Inspired by a Better Homes and Gardens, this Haunted House is hand-drawn and colored. HINT: This design is best done with black paint; we used marker–which worked–but is more time consuming! 

For more carving fun, don’t miss the Front Door original templates! If you’re not into carving, these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas are a fun alternative!

To get in the Halloween spirit, check out this Front Door playlist of SPOOKY SONGS!


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