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How to Decorate Small Spaces Using Sophisticated Glam Style

Not everyone has a lot of room to work with when designing their dream home. We know you love the latest trends featured in the The Showroom @Furniture Row—that’s why the Front Door has tips on how to decorate your small space with the same sophisticated glam décor featured in one of the She Shed displays. From metallics to pastel color palettes, this designer style is easy to imitate, and you don’t even need much space.

Add faux fur.

If your space is on the smaller side, a little faux fur will go a long way. Creating a cozy atmosphere using soft textures will make your room feel homey. Throw blankets, pillows, and fluffy rugs will make your space feel like a safe haven away from the outside world.

Incorporate floral motifs.

Don’t choose eccentric patterns that are distracting on the eyes. Instead, opt for soft, feminine floral patterns for a subtly yet sweet look that will add a beautiful and sophisticated nature motif that goes great with anything. Floral curtains, accent chairs, and wall art are a simple way to add this design touch in your small space.

Pick neutrals and light pastels.

A light color scheme will make your small space feel bigger, so play it up with airy pastels like light baby blue, pink, or yellow and pair them with versatile, lighter neutrals like gray, cream, and beige. Stay away from black finishes, and choose light wood furniture instead.

Choose metallic accents.

After adding light pastels and florals, your space will need a glamorous pick-me-up, so add a slimmer of sparkle by adding metallic accents. Bronze end tables, silver planters, gold frames, and shiny metal hardware won’t be overbearing but will add much-needed flair for a fashion-forward design statement.

We know your space might seem small, but use these four tips for creating your dream space and incorporate your favorite design trends.

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