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6 Different Ways to Arrange Frames

Stumped about how to hang your favorite framed pieces? A blank wall can be daunting, but a little creativity and some tips can make your design dreams a reality. Check out these 6 ways to arrange frames, and try these and other arrangements to find the framed fit perfect for your space.

Before getting started with nails and a hammer, it is important to assess the items you want to hang: Are the pieces best enjoyed in a specific order? Are the colors, patterns, and images enhanced when positioned in a certain way? Does the size of each frame require it to be in a specific place on the wall? These types of questions will help you plan your wall decor before making any holes in the wall. Tip: It may be helpful to lay framed items on the floor in desired arrangement before hanging to get a sense of what they will look like on the wall. 


1. Side-by-side style: This arrangement is pretty straightforward–but does allow you to make a statement with your framed pieces. Because frames are arranged in a horizontal line, with even space between each, the order can really define the decor. If your pieces tell a story, or play off of one another, this arrangement is a great idea. Balanced, and linear, this arrangement is streamlined, and really makes each piece as important as the next.



2. Fabulous foursquare: This arrangement creates a shape using shapes, and adds visual  interest. Balancing colors, weight, and textures is important when selecting frame positions because the eye is not drawn along a left-right path.


3. Stack ’em up: Stack up your pieces for a space-saving, stylish arrangement. The vertical line gives you choice in where to position darker, or lighter color schemes to create an overall feeling. This works best with same-sized frames for a cohesive look.


4. Style star: This arrangement is definitely fun! Make a statement by creating a star-like shape, and arrange frames to suit your style.  The spacing, and height are simple ways to make this arrangement a standout style on your wall. Because the frames have the same dimensions, it is easy to create a polished look while exploring a nonconventional arrangement. 


5. Sandwich style: The size of each frame can influence how to best arrange your pieces. If you have two same-sized larger, and two same-sized smaller pieces, try out this fun arrangement. Bookend the two smaller pieces to feature them, and to create distance between the two larger. Each piece feels important, while the overall grouping gets showcased, too. 


6. Stagger style: If your wall is crying out for visual interest, this staggered arrangement is a great solution. Balance the positioning of the larger, and smaller frames to create a symmetrical yet playful layout. This gives your wall a gallery feel, and gives you freedom to add pieces around the existing arrangement down the road.

Remember, there is no wrong way to hang your wall decor. Using these suggested arrangements, you can explore the options that will best suit your home to create an inspired wall design you will love! 

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